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— Robin

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Garden Pot.png
Lässt innen Pflanzen aus jeder Saison wachsen. Draußen kann er nur für saisonale Pflanzen verwendet werden.
Quelle: Herstellung
Verkaufspreis: Cannot be sold

Rezept von: Evelyn cutscene after completing the Greenhouse
Zutaten: Clay.png Lehm (1)Stone.png Stein (10)Refined Quartz.png Verfeinerter Quarz (1)

The Garden Pot is a crafted item that allows crops from any season to be grown indoors, or crops from the current season to be grown outdoors. The Garden Pot will not accept Ancient Seeds at any time, indoors or outdoors.

After completing the Greenhouse, Evelyn will visit the player's farm and give the player a Garden Pot, plus the recipe for crafting more. The cutscene triggers when exiting the Farmhouse on a sunny day from 6am-11:30am.

Flowers planted in Garden Pots will not cause nearby Bee Houses to produce flower honey.


Garden Pots can be placed and produce crops in any indoor space, meaning any space not affected by weather. This includes all farm buildings, The Cave, The Tunnel, The Sewers, the Mutant Bug Lair, the Witch's Swamp, the entrances to The Mines and Skull Cavern, and villagers' homes. Garden Pots will not accept seeds in outdoor areas outside The Farm.

Garden Pots need to be watered by the player with a Watering Can each day, since sprinklers will not water them. Fertilizer of all types may be used in Garden Pots, with the same restrictions and benefits as in tilled soil.

Note that once placed, a Garden Pot may be removed with a tool or by holding left-click. Removing a Pot that contains seeds or crops will destroy the seeds/crops.


  • Attempting to place Ancient Seeds in a Garden Pot will display the message "Her roots grow very deep... She wouldn't be happy in there."
  • Attempting to plant a seed from the current growing season (or attempting to plant Cactus Seeds) in an outdoor area outside the farm will result in the seed being destroyed, and the message "Must be planted on farm" will display.
  • Cactus Seeds planted in a Garden Pot outdoors on the Farm will be dead the next day.
  • Garden Pots placed outside the farm will be destroyed if placed in a villager's path. See Herstellung for maps of safe locations.
  • Giant crops cannot be grown in garden pots, much like you cannot grow giant crops in the greenhouse.


  • 1.3: Introduced.