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— Robin

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This article is about the item category. For the item, see Köder (stück).

Bait can be attached to a Fiberglass Rod or an Iridium Rod, or inserted into a Crab Pot. Crab Pots require bait to catch fish, but fishing rods do not require it. However, attaching bait to a fishing rod will decrease the delay before a fish bites or increase the chance to find treasure.


To attach bait to a fishing rod, click on the bait (left-click or right-click, depending on how many you want to pick up), and then right-click on the rod. To remove bait, right-click on the rod.

Each cast uses one piece of bait or one magnet. When all bait is used up, the game pops up a notification saying "You've used your last piece of bait."

On an Xbox controller, press A on the bait to select the whole stack (or X to pick up a single one), then X to attach to the rod.

On a PS4 controller, press X on the bait to select the whole stack (or [] to pick up a single one), then [] to attach to the rod.

Bait can be detached by pressing X on either Controller.

Bait Items

Image Name Description Notes Purchase Crafting
Köder Lässt Fische eher anbeißen. Muss zuerst an einer Angel angebracht werden. Default bait, decreases the time taken for fish to bite (reduces the delay before a nibble by 50%) and lowers chance of getting trash items. The recipe is earned at Fishing Level 2. Coin Icon5g Bug Meat.png Käferfleisch (1)
Magnet Erhöht die Chance, beim Fischen Schätze zu finden. Allerdings mögen Fische den Geschmack nicht besonders. Increases the treasure chance by 100% (30% chance instead of the base 15%). This item is decent if you want extra materials or are collecting artifacts, although it does have a lower bite rate than regular bait. The recipe is earned at Fishing level 9. Coin Icon1.000g Iron Bar.png Eisenbarren (1)
Wild Bait.png
Wilder Köder Ein einzigartiges Rezept von Linus. Zieht alle Fische an. Decreases the time taken for fish to bite slightly more than standard bait does, reduces the delay before a nibble by 62.5%. The recipe is obtained from Linus upon earning four hearts and approaching his Tent between 8pm and 12am on a sunny or snowy day. N/A Fiber.png Fasern (10)Slime.png Schleim (5)Bug Meat.png Käferfleisch (5)