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Taro Knollen

Hi, in der Beschreibung der Taro Knolle steht „Mit der Sense ernten‟. Das stimmt nicht und ist in der englischen Version auch nicht vorhanden. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das zu ändern? Botautal (Diskussion) 22:55, 28. Mär. 2021 (UTC)

The thing to do is leave the in-game description on the page, and make a note about how it is not harvestable with the Scythe. You can also make a bug report on the Official Forums, there is a thread just for bad translations, and I think this qualifies. Kindest regards, margotbean (Diskussion) 18:31, 29. Mär. 2021 (UTC)
Habe sowohl Hinweis als auch Bug report im Forum gepostet. Weißt du eigentlich, wer die Lokalisierung durchführt? Die Anzahl der grammatikalischen- und Rechtschreibfehler ist manchmal echt gruselig. English: Did the note about wrong in-game description as well as the bug report on the forums. Do you happen to know who does the localisation? Because the sheer amount of terrible grammar and spelling is sometimes really horrific. Far too much too report by one person. And a bit offtopic, can we move the page "Perfektions" to Perfektion? the -s addition is only due to the word standing next to it, it's a German grammar thing. Dubesor (Diskussion) 20:50, 29. Mär. 2021 (UTC)
Oh yes, it is the German Ingame description... I found an(other) weird thing, this time about the Wiki itself: If you are at the Qi's Walnutroom page and change the Language to German, you'll get to "Geheimes Walnusszimmer von Mr. Qi‟. But if you change than the Language e.g. back to English, you'll get to the Quests page... Botautal (Diskussion) 21:58, 29. Mär. 2021 (UTC)
The page has been moved to Perfektion, and I fixed the problem with Geheimes Walnusszimmer von Mr. Qi (the root problem was a tyoo on the Aufträge page). Cheers! margotbean (Diskussion) 18:37, 30. Mär. 2021 (UTC)

Localised currency format

I noticed you fixed the rounding error but also changed G to g for consistency and I was wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to do the opposite and change everything to a capital G (on the German wiki). The other languages also use localised currency formats (spanish, french, chinese, russian, portuguese, korean, japanese, italian). It would also be more consistent since it then matches the game. Vorlage:Bundle already has the correct format. So I guess impacted would be Vorlage:Qualityprice Vorlage:Price Vorlage:Tprice Vorlage:Infobox seed and Vorlage:Artisan (if that's still used). I think it would overall be an improvement. Dubesor (Diskussion) 08:00, 6. Mai 2021 (UTC)

Yes, if you'd like to do the work, go for it! If you've missed any template, I can't think of it, but the ones you mentioned will cover 99% of cases. You can go ahead and change Template:Artisan as well, I may or may not delete it, I may archive it instead. :) margotbean (Diskussion) 19:22, 6. Mai 2021 (UTC)
Thanks for the go ahead. However I might be stupid here but why aren't the pickles formatted correctly? e.g. on Ingwer it should be Gold.png 170 G but it displays Gold.png 170G (no space between amount and G). I did put in a space on Vorlage:Qualityprice and Vorlage:Artisan, what am I doing wrong? Dubesor (Diskussion) 20:24, 6. Mai 2021 (UTC)
You figured it out, well done! It should be displaying properly for you now, it is for me. margotbean (Diskussion) 23:38, 6. Mai 2021 (UTC)
it was fairly hidden, yay Dubesor (Diskussion) 23:40, 6. Mai 2021 (UTC)


Hi Margotbean, on the Panzerkäfer Page is in the infobox below the Variations (Variationen) at Beute (drops) the N/A sign wich looks stupid because there are no drops but the pages looks like they are missing. I also saw that it isn't there on the english Wiki but I didn't see differences in Editing mode. Do you know how to fix it? Botautal (Diskussion) 21:28, 8. Jul. 2021 (UTC)

The problem was in the template, I've fixed it now. margotbean (Diskussion) 16:24, 9. Jul. 2021 (UTC)
Thanks :), Botautal (Diskussion) 21:07, 9. Jul. 2021 (UTC)


Norad (Diskussion) 15:38, 18. Okt. 2023 (UTC)

Hi Margotbean,

you deleted my change at with the reason "None of that is true".

can you explain this?

i used the elevator more than 1000 times to visit all levels of the mine (5/15/25.../105/115). on some of them a slime never spawned(45). on level 5-15 there was a bigger amount of slime spawns. this should help other players to complete the quest in time.

best regards


Hello Norad! I understand you experienced something in-game over and over, but the number of slimes on a level is random, so another user may not experience the same thing as you did. I appreciate you tring to help other players and make the wiki better! In this case, unfortunately, other players may not experience the same thing. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! margotbean (Diskussion) 18:16, 18. Okt. 2023 (UTC)q
Hi Margotbean,
maybe my text was not exact enough. the number of slimes is random but in average the number of slimes on each level in the mine is higher or lower (or 0).
e.g. level 35(the "dark" levels) i visited only this level about 50-100 times. there was never a slime. there were only and other monsters.
e.g. level 75(the skelett levels) ~95% of the timees, there was no slime. ~5% of the times there was 1 slime
e.g. level 15 there were in almost all times a slime (or more)
so my message is "if u need to find the prismatic gelee, go and visit levels with a average higher chance to see more slimes because the chance of finding a prismatic slime is 1:83"
maybe i need to write down a statistic to prove it? (run each level 100 times and count the average number of slimes)
may i try to write a better text to help other players to find the geelee easier or should i leave u alone? :-)
Norad Norad (Diskussion) 21:07, 18. Okt. 2023 (UTC)
Hello Norad, the problem is that if a level can spawn slimes, the number of slimes is random. It doesn't matter if you run tests over and over, someone else may experience something different. The only way you could consider calculating percentages is by looking in the game code. You might start with MineShaft::getMonsterForThisLevel.
On the Minen page, it does say there are no slimes in the dark levels, so it would be unwise to look there for the prismatic slime. One could advise trying floors 1-9, since they never contain bugs or grubs, instead of level 15. But, then some will find the prismatic slime on level 119.
Look to the game code, Norad. Look to the game code. 👍 margotbean (Diskussion) 01:11, 19. Okt. 2023 (UTC)