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Hello Margotbean! I've discovered a problem working on Vorlage:FishLocations Mountain. It's problem, I encountered in a similar form even earlier. In the english forms the same name is often used to display e.g. a fish name and the icon aswell (Example: "sturgeon" is saved in a file as "fish". A specific form reads it and displays it in a first step. Then it uses it again and adds an ".png" to display the related icon). In the german forum these kind of form cause problems, because usually the name is translated in German but as icon the english original should be displayed. In some cases this problem can be solved by using "alt={german translation}". But the case I described above this way is not avaiable.

Is it possible that you check the responsible form (in this specific case it should be FishLocationEntry) with the goal to solve this problem? I wish you a nice day, with kind regards EinarRagnarsson (Diskussion) 12:00, 21. Jun. 2017 (BST)

Hey Margotbean.

I'm happy there's someone who I can talk with. But for now I'm gonna help you with your questions.

First, for 'All Universial Likes' I would use 'Alle allgemeinen Vorlieben', for 'All Universal Loves' 'Alles allgemein Geliebte' and for 'All Universal Neutrals' 'Alles allgemein Neutrale'. To be honest neutral is quite the hard word, as you can mostly only translate it to, who guessed it, 'neutral' in German. There are only a few other translations for it, but those do not fit at all.

Secondly, I think 'Aufgabe' would be the best translation, as it is commonly used in games, but considering that the game uses 'Auftrag' maybe that's a better choice as it fits to the game itself. And yeah we do understand the word 'quest'. There are German games that also use the word 'quest. Most people know what it means.

Also a question from me. Are you in charge of formating and all of the wiki? Yesterday I worked on Marnie's German page, mostly on her schedule, and the thing was that there were all the seasons and then there was another section with deviations. The confusing this was that some information in the deviations was also in the normal schedule. So I took it upon myself to move the deviations to the normal schedule and complete them, as they weren't complete. I hope I didn't do anything bad with deleting the deviations sections.

Greetings! Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 22:54, 10. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Hey Margotbean,

thanks for the praise. I hope it is alright that I'm planning to change schedule to 'Zeitplan'

I will continue to clean up and translate teh schedules.

Alright, good to know. I will keep that in mind.

And for your question, I would use for 'All Universal Dislikes' 'Alle allgemeine Abneigungen' and for 'All Universal Hates' 'Alles allgemein Gehasste'

Greetings! Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 09:46, 11. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Hey Margotbean,

While translating some stuff on Abigails page I saw that someone called the schedule "Tagesablauf". Now that I saw that I think that would be a better translation for it.

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 17:12, 11. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Hey Margotbean,

thanks. I will keep that in mind. Yeah, I've seen some pages where the headings were not translated. I'm gonna do those to.

Currently I'm working on the friendship because nothing was translated there and it is a lot of work.

On another note, there are letters you get in the game. Most of them are not translated. Even if I do not have the official translation from the game, would it be still alright to translate those for now?

Also most character pages have citations which are still in English, can I freely translate those to, instead of taking them from the game?

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 10:34, 12. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Hey Margotbean,

there's no need to apologize. I just wanted to make sure before I just do whatever I want. I guess you could see it as a bit less work for me in translating. ^^

It depend on where I exactly I take those files. I only have access to the Switch version, and tbh as it is my brother's I'd rather not do anything with it. But still thanks for offering.

Yeah, the friendship page is still not fully translate. I have to tell you regretfully that I translated some stuff that should be in-game text.I'm doing my best to change those as soon as possible to their in-game texts. But if you are able to change those with help from the game files that would be great, as there are still items I don't have in any way.

The page you gave me is a great help, thanks!

I will see to finish the friendship page first befre taking up other bigger tasks!

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 16:37, 14. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Update: In case you can change them to in-game texts. It's concerning those items right now: Entenfeder, Wolle, Trüffel and Süße Edelsteinbeere. I will keep other stuff I can't take from the game in English for now. Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 16:54, 14. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Considering you could give me such a convenient list, which I will definitely use, can you also get a list of the translations for the letters and the lost books? I got all the books, but it is quite a task to key those in. It would be very great if you can!

I will fix the headings and all as I go along the pages. I'm sure your google-translations are still a great help for people who are not very good in English.

Also, I hope it is fine if I sometimes do only small edits. Because some things just jump into my eye when I'm looking something up for the game, and it is quite inconvenient to change anything when I'm on my tablet. I prefer to do big changes on my laptop.

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 20:37, 14. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Thanks for those two lists. They will be a great help. I already used the book one. It is possible that some of the formatting on the German Lost Books page has to be changed, but all in all I finished translating. Also, I think I finished translating the friendship page.

Can I delete the translating request when I think I finished that job, or should I rather let you do it?

I'm also planning to add some pages, especially to slowly get rid of the red links.

But a big thanks to you for giving me soo much help. I'm glad you are here for me and make my job much easier.

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 16:03, 15. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Hey Margotbean,

I'm working a bit again after a short break, and I'm creating a few pages. While doing that I realized something. There are pages for all the axe types (like on page for copper axe, one for steel axe etc). And to be honest, I think that's kinda unnecessary. I think one page for the axe is enough, just like the English wiki version has with the redirections. I copied the axe page from the English wiki, translated it and also added a bit more information to it.

Well I am unable to delete pages (I wouldn't want to randomly delete pages anyway), but who can delete pages? I think the person would be an Admin? I know an Admin, but I wanted to consult you first

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 18:50, 19. Okt. 2017 (BST)

That's nice to know and I will mark them. But I'd like to know how the redirecting works.

Also, I stumbled over another problem. When working on the translation of the Wein page there is information about it being used in a bundle. In German the bundle is named 'Zauberer' but on the Wein page it says 'Verzauberer'. So I tried to change it to Zauberer via the alt= syntax, but it does not work. I took a look at the Bündel page and saw that it was wrongly named there too. I changed it on the Bündel page and had hoped for it to fix my problem, but it did not. I also tried to change the syntax in different ways, but nothing would also give me the bundle icon.

And I really want to do as much as I can to help this wiki, as I have not really seen anyone else do much.

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 22:20, 20. Okt. 2017 (BST)

On another note, for now I just left the heading for the quests as quests, as you did not yet tell me what word we will use for it now.

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 22:23, 20. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Okay, I realized I was an idiot. I wrote down the stuff I needed for the community center, so that I wouldn't have to always look at the lists in-game, and so I realized it was my mistake as my notes said 'Zauberer' but the Switch version also says 'Verzauberer'. I changed it back on the Bündel page to correct my mistake.

I think I will do the redirecting manually, that way I'm certain it does what I want it to do.

So, while playing I got a new quest, and the button to accept said "Auftrag annehmen", so I guess 'Auftrag' and 'Aufträge' would be the best choice. We can surely then have quests being redirected to 'Aufträge' if we decide to call it that. But concerning the help quests, I think we should keep them as 'Hilfeanfragen'.

It would be like this in the end:

Story Quests: Auftrag/Aufträge

Help Quests: Hilfeanfragen

Also, can you provide me with a list of the buffs and their translations, the same for the story quests?

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 13:37, 21. Okt. 2017 (BST)

I took some time to check it but both, the help quests and story (mail) quests, say "Auftrag annehmen"

Also "Magnetischer Radius" is the correct translation for "magnetic radius"

But yeah, the quests are a hard thing to decide, but I think now that it would be best to have the page name to "Aufträge" and change the heading for the help quests from "Hilfeanfragen" to "Hilfsaufträge". If you are fine with it I will do the changes, but of course you can also do them.

As I was busy the last few days I didn't do much translating but I will see to get some work done.

Also, do you think you can provide me with the translations for the story quests? I asked last time along with the buffs, but I guess you overread it. No need to apologize in case you did!

Greetings Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 11:24, 27. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Update: There's something I've been wondering about. Do the game files state the schedules of the villagers? I've seen that the English and the German wiki do not have the full schedules and it would be time consuming to check them all in-game while doing my usual work. (Except I would start another game for it, which I'm currently not very willing to do.) Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 12:46, 27. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Hey, I finished translating the quest page but I don't know how to change the title, so it would be great if you could do it. And it's fine, you provided me with the list now!

Also, I can see at Sam's schedule how confusing this is. I guess you can figure it out, but it would take some time and that's a lot of work. :D I can see that in 9: "NOT friendship Penny 6/900 SamHouse 15 13 0/1100 Town 79 95 2/1600 Town 24 97 3 sam_gameboy/1900 SamHouse 17 13 0/2130 SamHouse 22 13 1", the 900 is the time of the day and SamHouse the place, but I can't figure out what the other numbers mean.

I tried to figure more out with comparing Sebastian's schedule with his schedule code, but they are different for some reason. The schedule for the marriage is different from what the codepage says.

I'm most probably gonna try to complete the schedules once I'm in the endgame.

On another note. When creating a new page which is linked to another page I always have to edit the other page for it to register that the new page is there. I tried reloading but that does not work. Or is it a matter of time for the page to register the change?

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 17:59, 27. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Update: I just realized something. I wanted to translate the fishing rods on the Werkzeuge page and saw that it is a table which is on the English wiki on the Fishing/Tool page. I'm gonna take the content of that page to place it on the Werkzeuge page and translate it. I don't really see why the extra page for the Fishing rod table exists, but well.

Suzuna18 (Diskussion) 18:06, 27. Okt. 2017 (BST)

Translations for more stuff

Hello Margotbean!

I am trying to help translating the Wiki into German, but I have the problem, that I do not own the PC version of the game and do therefore not have acces to the code and all the translations. F.e. I do not know the official translations for the Decoration Boat and the Fishing Submarine at the Night Market are. I saw that you sent someone who plays the Switch version as I do a page with all the object data. Do you have more lists like that with other things in the game? Also I wanted to ask you about the wird "Buff". This is not really a german word, and I cannot recall seeing it in the game. Maybe it is better to find an alternitve term for the Wiki?--Slytzel (Diskussion) 23:02, 19. Aug. 2018 (BST)

Hello again, thanks for your answerand the nice welcoming! Sorry it took me a while to write back again, but here I am now^^ If you have questions regarding the traslation to german, I am happy to do my best to help. Regarding my question, I think I will try to find a better translation for the word "buff" myself then!--Slytzel (Diskussion) 13:26, 3. Sep. 2018 (BST)

Template creation

Hey Margotbean, is there a possibility to add language links with a template, like the Addlanglinks template for templates themself? I couldn't find anything like it and the Addlanglinks template doesn't work for the normal links as far as i could figure out. If it is not possible, who could I best talk to about a possible template creation? Is there a tutorial about template creation anywhere, or is this only for moderators,admins, whoever..?
Thanks a lot, Nyles (Diskussion) 14:58, 13. Jan. 2020 (UTC)

Hello Nyles! I've often thought the same thing myself, but unfortunately there's no way to add language links with a template, since page names are different in all languages. Addlanglinks and Vorlage:Englishdoc work because the page names are the same across all languages. margotbean (Diskussion) 17:55, 13. Jan. 2020 (UTC)

Clothing Data

Hello Margotbean, thanks for sharing the data and the translations. I'm going to implement the German names occasionally since it's a lot of work. A possibility to transclude the names and descriptions would be nice, I'll take a closer look if I find the time. Any suggestions? Nyles (Diskussion) 11:53, 29. Jan. 2020 (UTC)

On the English wiki, it involved a lot of copy/pasting. I don't know of any shortcuts to avoid the tedious work, I'm afraid, so do what you can when you like, and don't worry about the rest. I'll help when I have time as well!  :) margotbean (Diskussion) 15:34, 29. Jan. 2020 (UTC)