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Hello! I fixed Vorlage:Infobox so it shows profession names correctly ("Ackerbauer" instead of "Tiller")... but since I don't speak German, I have to ask: should it say "Ackerbauer Beruf:" or "Ackerbauerberuf:"? margotbean (Diskussion) 22:55, 4. Mai 2017 (BST)

Hello Margotbean! Thanks for your help :-) I tried it yesterday but it was either too late that evening for me or I picked the wrong location in data. So far... In my opinion as a native German it should say "Ackerbauerberuf" or if it fits in the wikis syntax: "Beruf: Ackerbauer" EinarRagnarsson 14:22, 5. Mai 2017

Thank you again! One more question -- are any of these incorrect: Rancherberuf, Viehzüchterberuf, Handwerkerberuf, Fischerberuf, Anglerberuf, Försterberuf, Zapfmeisterberuf, Schmiedberuf, or Gemmologeberuf? If so, we need to change Vorlage:Infobox again. (For some reason, google translate has no problem with Rancherberuf, but it chokes on Gemmologeberuf, so I fear it may be wrong.) Let me know, so we can make the wiki correct and German-speaking people don't have to cringe when they come here!  :D margotbean (Diskussion) 20:35, 5. Mai 2017 (BST)
There's simply a "n" missing: Gemmologenberuf. Google translate doesn't know it as well, but I'm sure it is correct. Please let me know if you have any other questions with special german expressions. EinarRagnarsson (Diskussion) 22:34, 5. Mai 2017 (BST)


Hello EinarRagnarsson! I wonder if you would check the translation of the name of the page Mutantenkäfer-Ambiente. In the data files, the name of the song that plays when you enter the "Mutant Bug Lair" is "Mutantenkäfer-Ambiente", but I'm not sure that's the correct name for the area in the game... margotbean (Diskussion) 19:55, 14. Mai 2017 (BST)

Hello Margotbean, that's right, "Ambiente" means the music theme or song. A correct translation would be "Mutantenkäferhöhle". To verify if it's the same name as ingame, I'll have to play on one of my younger savegames until I get the quest which leads to the access to the mutant bug lair. :-( Greetings EinarRagnarsson (Diskussion) 23:23, 15. Mai 2017 (BST)

Thanks! I don't think the name of the area shows up in-game anywhere, but I could be wrong (I'm in year 13 in my main save, so that was a long time ago for me). Whenever you get to that point, would you mind moving the page to the new name? (There's a link at the top right of the page that says "Mehr", hover over it and it says "Verschieben").
I'm trying to keep the inter-wiki language links up to date, but I'm not going to add a link to "Mutantenkäfer-Ambiente" in the other languages if it's not the right page name. Warmest regards, margotbean (Diskussion) 22:29, 16. Mai 2017 (BST)
I'll do so. It's a long way to get there so I hope to take the need of this information in mind while discovering it. Thank you a lot and have a nice evening! EinarRagnarsson (Diskussion) 20:10, 18. Mai 2017 (BST)

Vorlage:FishLocations Mountain

The template is fixed. For the other similar templates, you will need to add a parameter called "link" with the German name of the fish, like so:

|      link = Lengdorsch
|      fish = Lingcod
|   weather = 
|    season = Winter
|    length = 20
| timeofday = 

Good?  :) margotbean (Diskussion) 21:47, 21. Jun. 2017 (BST)

Okay, that sounds easy - thanks a lot! EinarRagnarsson (Diskussion) 21:50, 21. Jun. 2017 (BST)

You're welcome! Anytime, and thank you for translating!!!!!! :D margotbean (Diskussion) 20:13, 22. Jun. 2017 (BST)
No problem, I love this game and so I like to do the translation in order to help other non-english-speaking gamers and to let this great game spread further in gamers circles ;-) EinarRagnarsson (Diskussion) 20:10, 25. Jun. 2017 (BST)


Greetings EinarRagnarsson!

I've seen you added the Coffee Glitch. I just wanted to say you can also hold the boost if you just eat a Pancake (i use them because they are cheap to cook and hold long) or some other boost given meal. So its not needed to drink every 2hours a cup of coffee, and you could drink a cup befor get "slimed" and drink the second after you get slimed.

kindly regards

Gheta (talk) 16:58, 3 April 2019