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Ich habe noch eine Menge Arbeit zu tun
— Robin

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Quests are set objectives that provide rewards when completed. They're kept track of in the quest journal, which can be brought up by clicking the small icon at the bottom of the UI panel or using the hotkey F. Quests are listed in the journal by title, and each quest can be expanded to read the text and requirements for completion. Clicking the X at the top of the window will close it and there's a button under the journal window to cancel the selected quest. Quests can be completed at any time after receiving them, there is no time limit or expiration date.

There are two major types of quests, story quests and Help Wanted quests. Story quests are typically received in the mail, but a few are automatically accepted at the beginning of the game to help teach the player about the game.


Example of a randomly generated Help Wanted quest

Every day the bulletin board outside Pierre's General Store may have a randomly generated Help Wanted quest that you can complete in exchange for money and sometimes increased friendship with the quest giver. When a new quest is available, the bulletin board will have a yellow exclamation point floating above it. Rewarded money depends on the number of items/monsters involved, the player's skills, and sometimes a bit of randomness. Once you have accepted a Help Wanted quest you will have 2 days to complete it, the current day and the next.


There are 2 Achievements associating with completing Help Wanted Quests.

  • Gofer (Complete 10 'Help Wanted' requests)
  • A Big Help (Complete 40 'Help Wanted' requests)


There are 4 types of Help Wanted quests that can be posted:

Gathering Clint will ask you collect ores, usually 20-40, or coal for him to inspect, or Robin will ask you to gather wood or stone.
Slay Monsters Requires access to the Mines.

Clint, Lewis, Demetrius, or the Wizard will ask you to slay a random number of a specific monster.

Fishing Willy will ask you to catch any number of a specific fish from the current season either as a challenge or to lower the population of that fish.
Delivery This is the most common type of Help Wanted quest. Any villager that the player has met and can earn friendship with will ask for a random item for various reasons.

This item can be:

Villagers will usually reward the player with three times the item's normal value, which may make quests a more efficient method of earning money from lower value items.

List of Story Quests

In addition to quests posted on the "Help Wanted" board, there are several Story Quests unlocked during gameplay.

Quest Name Quest Text Provided By Requirements Rewards
Introductions It would be a nice gesture to introduce yourself around town. Some people might be anxious to meet the new farmer. Introductory quest 28 people greeted
How to Win Friends Giving gifts is a great way to build friendships. Learn each person's individual tastes and you'll be popular in no time. Complete 'Introductions' Give someone a gift. Coin Icon100g
Getting Started If you want to become a farmer, you have to start with the basics. Use your hoe to till the soil, then use a seed packet on the tilled soil to sow a crop. Water every day until the crop is ready for harvest. Package in room at start Cultivate and harvest a parsnip Coin Icon100g
To The Beach Someone named Willy invited you to visit the beach south of town. He says he has something to give you. Mailbox Visit the beach south of town before 5:00pm. Bamboo Pole
Raising Animals Robin, the local carpenter, lives north of town. In exchange for raw materials and money, she'll construct new buildings on your farm. You'll need her to build a coop or barn so that you can raise animals. Finish Getting Started Build a Coop.
Advancement As you gain experience you'll discover new crafting recipes to increase profit and make life easier. A scarecrow, for example, will prevent crows from snacking on your precious crops. Finish Getting Started Reach Farming level 1 and craft a scarecrow. Coin Icon100g
Explore The Mine There's an old mine shaft in the mountains north of town. There could be valuable minerals inside, but Marlon hinted that it might be dangerous. Enter the mines. Reach level 5 in The Mines.
Deeper In The Mine It seems that the mine elevator is still functional. It will allow you to quickly return to any elevator doors you've discovered. A deeper expedition might be in order. Reach level 5 in The Mines. Reach level 40 in The Mines.
To The Bottom? So far, there's no sign of the bottom. How low does it go? Reach level 40 in The Mines. Reach the bottom of The Mines.
Archaeology Gunther asked if you'd consider donating any new artifacts or minerals you find to the museum. He says he'll compensate you by way of occasional rare goods. Enter the Museum with a mineral or artifact in inventory Donate an item to the Museum. Coin Icon250g
Forging Ahead If you're going to keep mining you should build a furnace. Morning after gathering ore in the mines Craft a Furnace
Smelting Now that you've built a furnace, you can smelt some metal. According to Clint's instructions, if you place 5 copper ore and 1 piece of coal in the furnace, if should produce a copper bar. Complete 'Forging Ahead' Use your furnace to smelt a copper bar.
Initiation If you can slay 10 slimes, you'll have earned your place in the Adventurer's Guild. Mailbox, morning after reaching level 5 in The Mines 10 Slimes slain. Get to enter the Adventurer's Guild
Robin's Lost Axe Robin lost her favorite axe. The last time she remembers using it, she was cutting wood south of Marnie's ranch. Find Robin's lost axe. Can be found near Sewer Pipe. Coin Icon250g
Jodi's Request Jodi needs a fresh cauliflower for a recipe she's making. She's asking you to bring her one. Bring Jodi a Cauliflower Coin Icon350g
Mayor's "Shorts" Mayor Lewis has lost his purple "shorts". He's asking you to find and return them...Discreetly. Mailbox on 3rd of Summer Find and return Mayor Lewis' purple shorts. Can be found in Marnie's house (her room) Coin Icon750g
Blackberry Basket It's blackberry season, but Linus can't find his basket! He's asking you to help him find it. He has no idea where it is. Mailbox It's lying near the entrance to the tunnel, which is to the left of the bus stop.
Pam Is Thirsty Pam is hankerin' for a pale ale. Regular old beer won't do. You can brew one yourself if you have hops and a keg. Mailbox on 13th of Summer (or any day of Summer?) Bring Pam a pale ale Coin Icon350g, 1 friendship heart
A Dark Reagent The wizard wants you to descend into the mines and fetch him a Void Essence. He needs it for some kind of dark magic. Day after reaching level 80 in mine Coin Icon1.000g
Cow's Delight Marnie wants to give her cows a special treat. She's asking for a single bunch of amaranth. Mailbox Bring Marnie one bunch of Amaranth. Coin Icon500g
The Skull Key You found a strange looking key in the bottom of the mines. Reach the bottom level of The Mines. Discover the purpose of the Skull Key. Access to the desert mine
Crop Research Demetrius needs a fresh melon for his research. Mailbox on 20th of Summer (or any day of Summer?) Bring Demetrius a melon Coin Icon550g, 1 friendship heart
Knee Therapy George needs a hot pepper to soothe his aching knee Mailbox on 25th of Summer (or any day of Summer?) Bring George a hot pepper Coin Icon200g, 1 friendship heart
Qi's Challenge You've been challenged to reach level 25 in the skull cavern. You've been promised a substantial reward if you're successful. Given after entering the Skull Cavern. Reach level 25 in the Skull Cavern. Coin Icon10.000g
The Mysterious Qi Within a secret lock-box, you found a note with peculiar instructions. It's signed by a 'Mr. Qi'. Put a Battery Pack in the lock-box in the tunnel next to the bus stop Leave a Rainbow Shell in the box at the train platform.
You found another note written by 'Mr. Qi'. The request is even more unusual this time. Complete "The Mysterious Qi" first quest Place 10 beets inside Mayor Lewis' fridge.
You've found yet another strange note within the Mayor's fridge. This time, the instructions are more cryptic. Complete "The Mysterious Qi" second quest "Give the sand dragon his final meal." (Put a Solar Essence in the sand dragon's mouth)
You found another note in the sand dragon's eye. It seems Mr. Qi's strange scavenger hunt has come to an end. Complete "The Mysterious Qi" third quest Inspect the lumber pile beside your house. Club Card, which gives him/her access to the Casino.
Carving Pumpkins Caroline wants to carve a pumpkin with her daughter. She asked you to bring her one from the farm. Mailbox during Fall Bring Caroline a Pumpkin. Coin Icon500g
Fresh Fruit Emily wants a taste of spring. She's asking for a fresh apricot. Mailbox during spring(2nd year) Bring Emily an Apricot.
Aquatic Research Demetrius is studying the toxin levels of the local pufferfish. He'd like you to bring him one. Mailbox Bring Demetrius a Pufferfish. Coin Icon600g
A Soldier's Star Kent wants to give his wife a starfruit for their anniversary. Mailbox Bring Kent a Starfruit. Coin Icon500g
Mayor's Need Lewis wants truffle oil. He won't explain what it's for. Maybe it's none of your business. Mailbox Bring Lewis a bottle of Truffle Oil. Coin Icon500g
Wanted: Lobster Gus put out a notice requesting a fresh lobster. Mailbox Bring Gus a Lobster. Coin Icon500g
Pam Needs Juice Pam's TV remote is dead. She's having a tough time going back and forth between the couch and the TV dial. Mailbox Bring Pam a Battery Pack. Coin Icon400g
Fish Casserole Jodi swung by the farm to ask you to dinner at 7:00 PM. Her only request was that you bring a Largemouth Bass for her fish casserole. Event - Jodi at 4 Hearts\Fall 15 or Winter 1, Year 1 Enter Jodi's house with a Largemouth Bass at 7:00 PM. Event Scene
Catch a Squid Willy is challenging you to catch a squid. He says you can fish them from the ocean on winter nights. Mailbox Bring Willy a Squid. Coin Icon800g
Fish Stew Gus wants to make fish stew, but he needs an albacore. Mailbox Bring Gus an Albacore. Coin Icon400g
Pierre's Notice Pierre will pay "top coin" to whoever brings him a plate of sashimi. Apparently he's really craving the stuff. Mailbox Bring Pierre some Sashimi. Coin Icon1.000g
Clint's Attempt Clint wants you to give Emily an amethyst. He wants you to tell her it's from him. Mailbox Bring Emily an Amethyst.
A Favor For Clint Clint got a new hammer and he wants to test it out on a variety of metals. Mailbox Bring Clint an Iron Bar. Coin Icon500g
Staff of Power The Wizard is creating a staff of phenomenal power. Who knows what it's for. He needs an iridium bar to finish it. Mailbox (5 Winter, Year 2) Bring Wizard an Iridium Bar. Coin Icon5.000g
Granny's Gift Evelyn wants to surprise her husband with a gift. Mailbox (15 Spring, Year 2) Bring Evelyn a Leek. Coin Icon500g
Exotic Spirits Gus wants to make a Coco-no-no, but he's missing the main ingredient. Mailbox Bring Gus a Coconut. Coin Icon600g
Catch a Lingcod Willy is challenging you to catch a Lingcod. Mailbox Bring Willy a Lingcod. Coin Icon550g
Dark Talisman The Wizard asked me to retrieve the magic ink from his ex-wife's house... but to gain access I'll need a dark talisman. Enter the sewer and ask Krobus about the dark talisman. Railroad cutscene (after completing Community Center or Joja Warehouse tasks) Speak to Krobus and then venture through to the Mutant Bug Lair to retrieve the talisman. Return to the cave at the Railroad with it once it's collected.
Goblin Problem There's a goblin blocking the path to the Witch's hut. There must be some way to get him to move... Perhaps I should seek out more information on Goblins. Through the cave by the Railroad after completing the Dark Talisman quest. Speak to the Henchman outside the Witch's hut and give him Void Mayonnaise as a gift. Wizard buildings available. Dark shrine's accessible in Witch's Hut.